7-1/4″ Cordless Circular Saw Shootout

Best Corded Circular Saw 7 1/4?

There are many factors which affect the overall performance of a circular saw. You may have heard that there are several types of cordless circular saw available today. Some models offer better cutting power than others. The type of blade used will also play a major role in how well it performs. There are two main categories: Bosch and Makita. Both companies make different models with varying levels of quality. If you’re looking for a high-quality model, then Bosch is probably your best bet. However, if you want something cheaper or just don’t need the same level of quality, then Makita might be a good choice.

Bosch has been making their own brand of cordless circular saw since 1982. They’ve always had a reputation for being top notch. Their most popular model is the Model 812. It’s a very powerful saw with a wide variety of attachments and features. For example, they sell an attachment called the “SuperBlade” which allows you to cut through up to 2″ thick material at speeds of over 10 mph!

Other accessories include a rotary blade guard, an anti-kickback handle, and other handy tools like a battery charger and multi-tool. The saw itself uses a 4-1/2″ variable speed blade that can cut through almost anything with ease. It only takes about three hours to charge the battery all the way and it will run for over 40 minutes on high speed. That’s enough time to cut through over 1200 2×4’s! If you’re going to be doing larger jobs on a regular basis, then this is definitely the saw for you. This tool costs $575. If you compare this to a gasoline powered circular saw, then it’s actually pretty cheap.

Makita is another major brand that produces cordless circular saws. Most of their models tend to be more affordable than their Bosch counterparts. For example, the Makita 9557CV is priced at just $280. It has many of the same features found on the more expensive 812. It’s a little smaller and can’t cut through as thick of material, but it still does an adequate job.

It uses a 5-1/2″ blade and runs on the same battery packs as other Makita cordless tools. This particular model uses the “Super Cut Technology” which helps to provide smoother and faster cuts with less vibration. It has a built-in LED light to illuminate your cuts and a speed-sensing trigger for more accurate cuts. If you have smaller jobs that don’t require quite as much cutting, then this model is perfect for you. There are other models available with even more features. The Makita 9553 CV costs around $350 and uses an even longer lasting battery pack.

Cordless circular saws are becoming more and more popular every year. There are many different models available so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. They all do pretty much the same thing, but some are definitely better than others. Makita is a great brand for those on a tighter budget. They have equal performance at a lower price.

If you have a bit more money to spend, then the Bosch 812 is definitely the way to go. It’s one of the best cordless circular saws currently available.

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