5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a uPVC (Vinyl) Exterior Door

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a uPVC (Vinyl) Exterior Door

1. It’s eco-friendly!

2. It’s safer than vinyl door!

Vinyl can break if dropped from high places or stepped on. If it breaks, then your house will have no protection against fire or water damage. Fiberglass is much stronger and lasts longer than vinyl door material. And it doesn’t require any maintenance like vinyl does!

3. It’s cheaper than vinyl!

Vinyl costs around $100 per square foot while uPVC costs only $30 per square foot. That means you save over 50% compared to vinyl door when buying a uPVC door instead.

4. It’s lighter than vinyl!

Vinyl weighs up to 1/8th of a pound and uPVC weighs less than half a ounce. So it won’t cause weight problems in your home or make your car look ugly too!

5. It’s stronger than vinyl!

Vinyl door can easily break due to heavy usage or even just dropping something on it. But uPVC door can withstand falls from two stories up and still remain intact.

How to Choose the Right Type of Upholstery?

The type of uPVC (vinyl) interior you choose depends upon your budget, how many rooms you have in your house, and what kind of furniture you have inside the room. There is furniture grade vinyl, which looks most like natural wood and can be cleaned with just a damp cloth, and there is cover grade vinyl, which is thicker and can withstand heavier use. If you have a formal living room that will rarely get used, then you would probably want to go with the formal grade. However, if your family room is used more, then you should get the stronger grade of vinyl. You can also choose other materials such as fabric or leather to match your decor.

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