2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools

In the past few years there have been many new cordless tools introduced into the market. Some are very good, some are not so good, but all of them deserve attention. A lot of people prefer these tools because they do not need to carry around heavy power tools anymore. They can cut wood or other materials with ease without any risk of damaging it. However, they are expensive and they require maintenance.

So what’s the best way to use these tools?

There are two ways:

1) You can use them for simple tasks like trimming branches or cleaning up debris from your work area.

These types of tools are great if you want to save money and don’t mind spending time doing small jobs every now and then.

2) Or you can get creative with them!

You can use them for building projects, or even make something out of cardboard boxes. You can build furniture, toys, or anything else you want with these tools.

Which one is better? Which type of tool will suit your needs best?

Well, let’s see which one is the best award cutting tool. Let’s start with the most popular type of tools: power tools.

Power Tools

In the past, you only needed a few drills, a circular saw, and maybe a jackhammer to handle most jobs. But today, that’s changed quite a bit. Most professional carpenters and handymen have many power tools for different tasks.

They have tools for sanding, cutting, carving, cleaning, painting, hammering, and more. New tools come out all the time so it can be very overwhelming and confusing.

Which are the best power tools? Which ones should you buy for your workshop?

Let’s take a look at the most popular types and which ones are worth buying.


This type of tool is one of the most popular. You typically see people using it to drill holes through wood, metal, or other materials. They come in different shapes and sizes.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools at realmanguide.net

There are those that have the ability to rotate in all directions, meaning you can drill in any direction you want. There are also those that only go in straight lines. It’s really up to you when it comes to which one you want to buy.

Which type is better?

It really depends on what kind of attachments you want and the type of work you’ll be doing with it.


This tool can be dangerous if not handled properly. You’ve probably seen these types of tools before. There are many different kinds of saws available and not all of them are the same.

The most popular one is the circular saw. This tool is great for cutting beams, metal, wood, and other materials. It can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to use one though. This type of saw is known to jump around so it requires a lot of strength and skill to use one properly.

What is the best saw?

The best saw would be the table saw. This tool is commonly used by carpenters and other construction workers. It’s great for cutting large pieces of wood with precision and accuracy. You can even buy a table saw that comes with a laser to make sure your cuts are straight.

Hammer Drill

This type of tool is used to drill holes in concrete, stone, bricks, tiles, and other materials. It works much like a regular drill, but instead of a regular drill bit, it uses a masonry bit that rotates at high speed to cut through hard materials. It’s not as fast as a regular drill, but it gets the job done.

These types of drills are safer to use and require less effort when working on something.

This type of tool is used to cut, sand, or polish various materials. Most people use these tools to sand and polish their work when building furniture, installing cabinets, building decks, and other types of carpentry. These tools work by spinning a disc with sandpaper or some other form of polishing material attached to it.

Different attachments are available for these as well, meaning you can use them to cut and polish as well.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools | realmanguide.net

This tool is used for cutting tile. It’s a lot like the drill we mentioned above, but instead of a regular drill bit, it has an attachment that cuts through materials like tile and stone.

This tool is also known as a jigsaw. It looks just like a saw, but it has a motor on the bottom of it to power the saw. It has a special blade to it known as a jigsaw blade.

It’s great for cutting various materials with precision and accuracy. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use tool.

This tool is used for getting into tighter spots that drills and saws can’t reach. It’s not the most powerful tool, but it gets the job done when you’re not quite able to fit your drill or saw in the area that you need to work on. It works by rapidly spinning burrs at the tip of the tool, which are then used to sand or grind through materials.

When working with any tools, it’s always important to wear all the necessary safety gear. This means that you should always wear protective eyewear and gloves, which can prevent eye injuries and cuts. It’s also recommended that you wear a dust mask so that you don’t breathe in any sawdust or other fine particles.

Hearing protection is also recommended. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wear firmly-fitting clothes so that they don’t get caught in any moving parts.

You can learn more about different types of tools, their uses, and what kind of safety gear you should wear by reading the other articles in this section.

Follow the links below to learn more:

Annual Maintenance

Every year you should perform some basic maintenance on your tools. This is good for making sure that they are in safe working condition and will not fail you when you need them most. Additionally, performing maintenance on your tools can help extend their useful life and prevent accidents and injuries from faulty equipment.

One of the simplest annual maintenance tasks that you can perform is storing your tools in a safe location when you’re not using them. This can be somewhere like a garage or tool shed, or you might be able to leave them in your car if you don’t live in an area with heavy crime. If you work on a construction site, you probably won’t be able to leave your tools in your vehicle, but will need to keep them in some sort of storage on site instead.

In order to prevent your tools from becoming damaged or rusted when they’re not in use, it’s also a good idea to keep them in some sort of carrying case or bucket. A lot of people just use a garbage bag, but you might want to consider buying something like an equipment bag. These bags typically come with various pockets and holders for storing individual tools separately from one another, which prevents them from damaging other tools or from making a bunch of noise.

When you’re storing your tools, it’s also important to keep them in a safe place where others won’t have access to them. Certain tools, such as power tools, require special safety training in order to be used properly and are intended for use by adults only. You shouldn’t just leave these laying around where a child could find and play with them.

Also, other people in your household may not be as meticulous about keeping your tools in good condition. Your spouse or kids might bang a hammer against a wrench or saw and significantly dull the tools’ edges. It’s always a good idea to keep your tools away from others whenever possible.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools | realmanguide.net

Of course, following these basic maintenance tips won’t do you much good if you don’t perform more thorough maintenance on your tools once in awhile. The frequency with which you do this will depend on the type of tool and how much it’s been used. For example, if you use a hammer to install a few nails every now and then around the house, it probably doesn’t need any major maintenance.

If you use it to install a few nails every day, then you should probably check it for damage and apply a fresh coat of paint every couple of months or so. On the other hand, if you use a circular saw on a regular basis to cut lumber, you’ll need to check the condition of your blade and apply a fresh coat of paint much more frequently.

Check your tools regularly for any damage or wear and tear. If you see anything amiss, get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. You don’t want to do this right before you need to use a tool because it could fail at the worst possible time.

If you check your tools on a regular basis, it will be very easy to notice when something needs to be replaced and not have to worry about it breaking during use. This will help to ensure that you can complete your work in a timely manner without unnecessary complications.

Looking after your tools may seem like a nuisance, but it will prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Not only will you experience fewer problems with them, but you’ll also prevent yourself from having to pay for repairs or replacements when they’re needed. More importantly, you’ll be able to get the job done without running into any complications.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you need to keep your tools in proper working condition if you want to perform the tasks you need to do with them. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to take better care of them on a regular basis. This means more than just tucking them away when they’re not in use.

You should also keep them in good condition by regularly inspecting them for damage and wear.

The first step is to buy quality tools in the first place. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy the most expensive name brand items available. There are plenty of good quality tools that are made by companies you’ve never heard of before, and sometimes these items are even superior to the more popular brand names.

Whatever you do, just make sure you do some checking around before buying anything. Look for items with good warranties, preferably lifetime guarantees. Also look for items that are made well and can withstand a fair amount of abuse. While you may be more careful with your tools than the average person, you can still expect them to get banged around a little bit in the normal course of events. You don’t want to have to replace them every couple of months because they’re not strong enough to withstand regular use.

The next step is to maintain and inspect your tools regularly. This means more than just tucking them away when you’re finished using them for the day. You should also check them for damage and wear and tear on a regular basis.

Not only will this help you to catch any problems before they become major ones, but it will also allow you to spot any potential problems before they even develop. It only makes good sense to take advantage of technology in this manner if it is available. There is no longer any reason not to. Technology such as this has been available for years and can be found on any number of devices that we use on a daily basis. There is no reason not to take advantage of it when it comes to your tools as well.

Another good way to keep your tools in good condition is to clean them after each use. If you’ve been doing messy work, such as painting or cutting wood, your tools are going to get messy as well. If you don’t clean them, not only will they be a pain to use when they’re covered in dried on messes, but they’ll also be more likely to cause further damage to whatever it is you’re using them on.

Wood splinters get stuck in saws and drill bits, for example. All of this is avoidable with just a little care on your part. Clean your tools before you put them away and they should stay in good working condition for a long time to come.

When you do have to replace your tools, make sure you dispose of the old ones in a responsible manner. This is especially true if you work with power tools on a regular basis. You don’t want some little kid finding an old saw blade in the garbage and taking it to the face because you were being lazy and didn’t take the time to dispose of it properly.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools on realmanguide.net

Another thing you need to be aware of is keeping your tools dry if possible. Most tools these days are at least somewhat resistant to water, but moisture is a whole other issue. If rusted metal comes in contact with your skin, it’s going to do damage.

This can easily happen when you’re working in wet environments. You may need to take extra care during these times or even avoid certain tasks altogether. If moisture and water are unavoidable, you should at least make sure to dry your tools as soon as you’re finished using them.

The final thing you need to think about is proper maintenance for more complex equipment such as vehicles and generators. Ignoring the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance on these can lead to a number of problems in the form of break downs and other issues that are going to cost you time, money and effort to fix. It’s best to refer to the owner’s manual for your specific equipment or ask someone who is knowledgeable about such matters.

There are far more tools and equipment out there than we have room to address here, but if you keep the information in this lesson in mind you should do just fine when it comes to handling the basics. Your safety and efficiency are important after all.

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Lesson Twenty Five:

Defense Strategies

So now that you have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to equipment, let’s talk a bit about what you’re going to be doing with it and that is surviving. Your first order of business is going to be figuring out where you are, this will at least give you some basic idea of what kind of dangers you might be facing and how best to deal with them.

The first thing you should do is take a look at a map. If you’re really lucky, you might find something as simple as a road map floating around. These are always useful for finding basic landmarks and getting your bearings straight.

If you can’t find a map, try looking for something with the location of the major cities listed on it.

What you’re really looking for is a copy of something that has the land marked on it. Whether this be a geological survey map, a topographical map or something else, as long as it shows the terrain type and what major features exist, it will give you a fantastic starting point in figuring out where you are.

The next step is to figure out what kinds of dangers you’re likely to encounter. Once again, a map will come in handy here as well. The terrain you’re in will have a huge impact on what kind of dangers you might face.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools - Picture

For example, if you’re in the mountains there’s a good chance that an avalanche might be an issue, flash floods are also a possibility as is losing your footing due to poor footing. In any kind of desert environment, you can expect to become dehydrated easier and running out of water is definitely something to watch out for. If you’re in a swamp environment, the dangers are similar to that of a forest, only they’re different animals and diseases are more of an issue. In a forest, there’s always the possibility of getting lost, as well as wild animals.

This is a good starting point in determining what you might need, but the next step is to learn more about your potential hazards. For this, you’re going to need an expert in these matters. Try to seek out people that have some experience in these fields, talk to rangers, park wardens, animal control officers and anyone else that might have experience with the area you’re stuck in.

Tell them what you know and ask them about what you should expect. Their information and advice will be invaluable to you. They can at the very least tell you what precautions to take and what areas to absolutely avoid.

The next thing you need to do is learn how to deal with the wildlife and environment. Again, seek out the experts, though in some cases these can be one in the same. Talk to hunters, hikers, camoflague experts and others with outdoor experience.

Take some time and go through their knowledge and apply it to your situation. Try to find books on the subject as well, and read up on them. If you’re really lucky you might even find something like a guide written by someone who has experienced everything you’re about to face.

Finally, there’s one more expert you can seek out, and that’s YOU. Think about what you’ve done and what you’re capable of. Think about any and all skills you’ve acquired especially those that may be transferable to this situation.

For example, if you’ve driven tanks in the military you’re probably used to operating exterior weapons. Depending on what environment you find yourself in, your skills may be useful for setting traps and snares for animals or defending yourself against hostile threats like aggressive mammals.

The world has changed a lot in the past few years. A lot of what used to be science fiction is now fact. The impossible has become possible and the fantastical is commonplace.

In this world, the average person doesn’t need a weapon anymore to be a lethal threat. Take for example, airships. Not long ago, airplanes were something only the most wealthy or advanced of countries had any access to. Now they’re large enough to carry bombs which can destroy massive areas. In this world, one man with a plane can be more deadly than an army without them.

Things to take into consideration are weapons of mass destruction, plague and biological warfare. It’s not just the tools of war that can cause massive casualties anymore. One man with smallpox virus or the ebola virus could effectively kill millions if released in a populated area.

The fact is, things that were once only nightmares are now very real possibilities.

With all this in mind, you need to prepare yourself for every eventuality as if your life depends on it (because it might). The future isn’t certain, but it’s definitely going to be different from the past.

Time to choose your path…

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools | realmanguide.net

You need to choose the environment in which you’re most familiar and/or comfortable: The City. The Desert. The Jungle.

The Mountains. Underwater. The Skies.

You’ve spent a lot of time in the city and the thought of leaving it all behind is somewhat unsettling, however you know that there’s more out there than just concrete and car fumes.

The Desert

The desert is a barren wasteland with little in the way of vegetation or water. It’s not a popular place to be due to the host of illnesses that run rampant and practically everything trying to kill you. That being said, it’s also one of the most beautiful places on earth providing you like sand and a whole lot of nothing.

Sight-seers flock here from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the giant sand pyramid, the snake temples and other strange rock formations that the planet has created over millions of years.

The Dune Sun Campers are a group of eccentric travellers who have made a camp in the desert close to some of the larger rock formations. Most are sight-seers or hikers but a few have decided that they quite like the isolation and have stayed to become Dune Sun Camp permanent residents. You could try to join this group who will no doubt help you if you promise not to look at them for too long with those creepy white eyes of yours.

The Desert is a dangerous place and not just because of the wildlife or plants. Bandits and marauders roam the land preying on helpless people like yourself. The worst of these are the Blue Sun Raiders, a group of cruel cutthroats who have come to the desert in search of fortune and glory.

Part of this quest includes killing anyone who dares step into the desert. You’ve heard stories about how they torture their victims and use their blood as paint for their emblem on all the walls, a bloody blue sun.

You’re not sure about the rest of the desert but you know that close to your current location there is an oasis. It’s a popular spot for traders to rest and many have mentioned the Caravan Tavern, a rest stop that also sells beer! Since you are all out of water, you decide that this is a good place to start looking for recruits.

The jungle is an evergreen maze of plants, trees and everything else that comes with it. Humidity is always high and the smell of growth is everywhere. It’s not the kind of place you’d like to live but to some it’s considered the jewel of the land.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools - realmanguide.net

Covered with vines and plants, it’s the perfect place to lay low from authorities of any kind.

However, it’s not just harmless plants that roam the jungle. The animals here are just as deadly and predatory as those found in the desert or mountains. Many of them have been granted amazing abilities such as breath weapons, poison capable of killing large animals and massive physical strength.

The only reason people choose to live here or even travel through are due to the rich deposits of precious minerals and ores that can be found beneath the surface.

A group of volunteers from the Zalan Empire have set up a small outpost here in hopes of mining the area. So far they’ve had little luck but they remain hopeful that one day they’ll get lucky. So far the only aggressive action the animals take is usually against each other and the large reptilian predators are more of a threat to the wildlife than the miners.

You could head over to the volunteer miners and ask to join their team in exchange for food and board. They might think you’re crazy at first but if you explain everything that’s happened so far they may just believe you, or they might think you’re lying. Either way they may just tell you to get lost.

You could also decide to lay low and try to find something to eat in the jungle. It would probably be wise to build a shelter of some kind though.

Finally you can just try to remain at large and steal food from the miners when they’re not looking.

The mountains are a harsh environment to survive in but they’re also one of the most rewarding places to be. Many people don’t seek shelter in the mountains since most of the creatures that dwell there are also looking for shelter from the elements. Mountain shelters are also mostly bare, with little to no supplies available so most adventurers prefer to take their chances outside rather than fighting others for the scarce resources.

However, one of the easiest resources to find in the mountains is rock. You can easily dig up some pieces of rock and tap onto a vein. This will take some time but if you’re patient enough you’ll have more than enough to eat.

The iron deposits in the rocks can be used to make a fire weapon or tool as well so this could be a good opportunity for you to practice your blacksmithing skills.

You can also try to find a heavy coat, it won’t provide as much warmth but if you find one with good insulating layers you can have it fitted for your size. The mountains are a windy place so this is probably your best bet for staying warm.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools on realmanguide.net

You could also try to build a shelter, however unless you find a cave of some kind it’s unlikely you’ll have much luck. The mountain terrain is rough and the rocks are jagged so it won’t be easy but if you’re determined enough you’ll eventually have a serviceable shelter.

It’s worth noting that there are no hostile creatures native to the mountains so you won’t have to waste your time fending them off.

You decide to find a nice rock to crack open and eat. You carefully inspect every piece of rock before putting it into your mouth to make sure it isn’t poisonous. You continue to do this for several hours and manage to find quite a few edible rocks.

You also managed to avoid any combat which is always a plus. (You gain a little strength).

You come across a rock that looks like it might have copper in it and begin to chop at it with your hand pick when you hear a rumbling sound. You think nothing of it and continue to hack away until you hear footsteps coming from behind you. Thinking that one of the miners has come to bring more food, you call out to them and turn around but no one is there.

The footsteps get closer and you turn around again only to find a large brown bear has come up behind you. It lets out a loud growl and charge at you.

You manage to duck just in time for the bear to completely miss you and get caught up on your pick which is still lodged into the rock. You quickly grab your sword which is sticking out of the ground and slam it into the bears neck with all your strength (1). It lets out a loud growl and runs off into the woods.

You pull your pick out of the rock and after making sure the bear is gone you return to work. You manage to find a good sized piece of copper which makes you very happy (2). You continue mining for several hours until nightfall.

There are no signs of bears or any other hostile creatures so you decide to make camp inside the cave for the night. You set up a small fire next to the wall and hunker down for the night.

1) You succeed in vanquishing the bear!

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools at realmanguide.net

2) You gain a little strength.

You are awakened by loud noises and rush out of the cave to see a large group of people screaming and running in all different directions. Some of them bump into you but they don’t stop, you try calling out to them but they don’t listen. There are also certain individuals who are not part of the mob and these are the ones you need to pay attention to.

You see a small group of miners off to the side arguing amongst themselves. You also see three large men beating up a young boy and his sister trying to make them go away.

Finally you see a pack of wolves chasing after someone. You have no idea what is going on and it all seems very random. The only thing you know for sure is that the area is plagued by chaos.

You have three groups to choose from.

The miners are arguing about whether or not the mine is still safe and what to do in general. The boy and his sister are begging for your help against the men who are trying to hurt them. The wolves seem to be coming straight for you.

Which group do you wish to approach?

Back to the start.

You manage to find a nice rock to sit on and wait for your next victim to come along. Unfortunately, no one passes by during the entire afternoon. You are just beginning to think that you will have to spend the night out here when you at last see some movement in the distance.

You see a young girl walking down the path, with a large pack on her back. She looks rather tired and is occasionally stopping to lean on her staff.

You are somewhat surprised to see someone else out here but you are glad, as she will probably make a fine meal.

Thinking that the easiest way to get her would be to wait until nightfall, you decide to hide near the trail and try to get some much needed rest. Unfortunately, the girl has other plans.

“This is taking too long, I should have just taken the main road.” You hear the girl muttering to herself as she approaches your hiding spot. She then suddenly looks down and sees you.

“Oh, hello there.” She says to you in a pleasant manner.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools at realmanguide.net

You are so surprised that for a moment you just stare at her trying to process what is happening. You had expected her to run away or at the very least appear afraid. Instead, she is acting as if this meeting was an everyday occurrence.

“I’m sorry, but I’m waiting for my friend, Faith. She was supposed to be here a while ago, I wonder what is keeping her.” The girl says while looking down the path.

You finally come to your senses and realize that you need to act fast before this turns into an unexpected headache.

The girl should not be this calm when facing you, she should be either screaming her head off or begging for mercy. This isn’t good.

And what was that about a friend?

You didn’t see any other people in this direction. There is something very odd going on here and it isn’t just the girl’s strange calmness.

You are feeling something in the air, a feeling that tells you to stay away… but you can’t.

You need to satisfy your hunger.

You have two choices, you can either sneak up on the girl from behind or go for the quick bite and then run away before she has a chance to react.

Quickly scanning the area, you make sure that no one else is coming down the path and then make your choice. It isn’t like you are going to leave someone alive to tell anyone else about what you are.

You run up to the girl and grab her arm, intent on giving her a swift bite to the neck. However, she is ready for you.

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Cordless Tools | realmanguide.net

You feel a sharp pain in your chest as you realize she had a small crossbow concealed behind her back and had already loaded it. You fall to the ground, feeling the poison racing through your body and stopping your heart.

She was prepared to kill and you did not expect it at all. You never saw it coming. You also didn’t expect her to look so sad and sorry as she looks down at you.

“I’m sorry, but my job is to protect the kingdom. I wish there had been another way.” You hear her say as everything starts getting blurry and more distant.

Your life in this world comes to an end and you have an uneasy feeling about your future in the next.

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