2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Corded Tools

Innovative Hand Tools: Top 10 Innovations in 2015

1. New Construction Tools – Cordless Drill & Milling Machines

2. New Construction Tools – 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC Router, 3D Scanner

3. New Construction Tools – Customizable Machine Parts

4. New Construction Tools – 3D Printers with Multiple Filament Types (PLA, ABS)

5. New Construction Tools – Self-Healing Materials

6. New Construction Tools – Multi-Functional Machines

7. New Construction Tools – Smart Pliers With Built-in Touch Screen Control System

8. New Construction Tools – Compact Design with Small Size and Lightweighting

9. New Construction Tools – Self-Adjusting Power Supply

10. New Construction Tools – Universal Connection with No Need for Adapters or Extensions

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards: Corded Tools from our website

11. New Construction Tools – New Innovations for Hand Tools

12. New Construction Tools – USB Rechargeable Power Tools

13. New Construction Tools – Customizable Hand Tools

14. New Construction Tools – CNC Plasma Cutting with WiFi Capability

15. New Construction Tools – Wearable Technology and IoT Sensors

16. New Construction Tools – Charging Station for Multiple Devices

17. New Construction Tools – Folding Saw and Other Handy Tools

18. New Construction Tools – Wrenches with E-Paper Displays

19. New Construction Tools – Wearable Device with Sensors for Detecting Noxious Chemicals

20. New Construction Tools – Smartphone-Controlled Robotic Arm

21. New Caramba! The Newest Pro Tool Innovation Award Goes to…Corded tools!

The latest innovation in corded tools comes from a company called Caramba! The most powerful corded drill on the market only weighs four pounds. That is almost half the weight of other drills on the market! It has a 3/8 inch chuck and two 400-watt motors that produce 1,000 rpm. It can produce up to 1,600 inch-pounds of torque and 2,800 BPM.

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This is more than enough power for most drilling jobs. The “Caramba” corded drill retails for $700.

22. New Pro Tool Innovation Award for 2015: Hand Tools!

This year’s winner of the Pro Tool Innovation Award for hand tools is the Carver Company and its revolutionary new line of hand tools. The Carver Company recently released a new type of hand tool called the CarverBolt. It has a built-in drill and three interchangeable bits: straight, ratchet, and socket. It also has a magnet built into the handle to help you pick up nails and other hardware. The CarverBolt is only available for purchase at select Home Depot stores in North America for $80.

23. New Pro Tool Innovation Award for 2015: Multi-Tools!

This year’s winner of the Pro Tool Innovation Award for multi-tools is the brand new Galt Multi-Laser. This new tool has a built-in laser, flashlight, and 2.5Ah battery. It can also act as a charger for your cell phone! You can get it in two different colors: black and yellow.

This product retails for $100.

Honorable Mentions – Hand Tools

While not winning an award this year, there are still some great hand tool innovations coming out. One of these is the new line of no-volt electrical tools from Greenworks. The entire line of tools run off a battery and have no exposed wires. This keeps you safe from electric shock if you accidentally touch exposed metal when using the tool. These tools are designed for outdoor use and are lightweight.

They also have a 4.0Ah battery that allows the tool to run up to four hours before it needs to be recharged. Greenworks’ no-volt tools include drills, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and more. They start at $100.

The other honorable mention for hand tools is the new line of cordless screwdrivers from Craftsman.

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