2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners

The 2014 Pro Tools Innovation Awards were announced at the 2013 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

2014 Pro Tools Innovation Award Winners:

Best New Construction Tool – Fruity Power Fusion 7″ Multi-Effects Processor (MSRP $1,299)

Fruity Power Fusion 7″ Multi-Effects Processor is a multi-effects processor with a built-in effects loop and effects routing capabilities. With its built-in effects processing capability, it can handle up to 12 different types of effects, including reverb, delay and chorus. It features two channels for recording and mixing, plus one channel for playback.

Best New Stereo Tool – JBL EON610SA 6 Channel Powered Studio PA (MSRP $1,249)

The JBL EON610SA is a professional-quality self-powered speaker system that produces clear, full range sound. Each unit has 1,000W of peak power and 250W of RMS power. It has a frequency response of 48Hz to 20kHz and can handle up to 135dB SPL.

It’s well-suited for houses of worship, small to mid-sized auditoriums and more.

Best New Power Tool – Makita 2012NB 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Drill/Driver (MSRP $229)

The makita 2012NB is a heavy duty cordless drill/driver with a rubberized grip. It has a keyless ratcheting chuck and a variable 2-speed all metal transmission for greater application versatility. It has an integrated L.E.D.

light to illuminate work areas. It is part of the 2012 CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Series, which delivers improved performance and runtime over previous generation models.

Best New Power Tool Accessory – MIELE Complete C3 Hard Floor Set (MSRP $599)

The MIELE Complete C3 Hard Floor Set includes a vacuum cleaner, dustpan & brush set, crevice tool and floor nozzle. The vacuum cleaner features a direct suction motor for powerful pickup, an Miele AirClean filter for clean air and an anti-allergen complete seal technology that prevents allergens from being released back into the air. It has a 5-position floor head for hard floor and carpet cleaning and an adjustable suction control.

The complete set is available in Tangerine Orange or Onyx Black.

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Best New Audio Accessory – Shure SRH840 Professional Studio Headphones (MSRP $149)

The Shure SRH840 are high-end, closed-back, dynamic headphones optimized for professional monitoring and mixing. They feature neodymium magnets, 40 mm drivers, a frequency response of 15 to 25,000 Hz, 32 Ohm impedance, 101 dB/V sensitivity and a maximum input power of 2000 mW. The SRH840 are designed with a flexible steel headband and Alcantara earcup padding for extreme comfort during extended use.

Best New Professional Combo – M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 High-Performance 5.1 Desktop Audio System (MSRP $429)

The M-Audio Studiophile AV40 is a 5.1 surround sound speaker system designed for desktop PCs. It has a frequency response of 35 Hz to 20 kHz, 85 dB/W/m sensitivity, 50 watts peak power, 5- to 25-degree stereophonic sound field and three 3.5 inch metalized woofers.

The system also includes an external Class A/B amplifier. It is available in Black (MSRP $429).

Best New Live Sound Reinforcement System – JBL VRX932LA Live Sound Reinforcement System (MSRP $2,899)

The VRX932LA is a dual 15-inch, three-way, line array self-powered loudspeaker system. It has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and can handle up to 900 W of peak power. It has an integrated 1.4-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch mid-bass driver and dual 15-inch carbonite woofers.

The VRX932LA is equipped with JBL’s V2 series waveguide for optimal high frequency control. It also features FlexTech technology to allow the loudspeaker to handle different types of events without needing to change settings. The VRX932LA is equipped with JBL’s legendary woofer design, long-throw carbonite transducers and a 12-gauge steel grille.

Best New Turntable – Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable (MSRP $599)

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is a high-performance turntable that features an 8.6-inch carbon fiber tonearm, a specially developed Ortofon cartridge and an fully manual operation. It also has an MDF chassis, low vibration synchronous AC motor and comes with a removable dust cover.

The turntable is available in High-Gloss Black (MSRP $599) or Piano Black (MSRP $699).

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Best New Receiver – Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3 3-Channel Amplifier (MSRP $2,500)

The Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3 is a 3-channel amplifier with 75 watts for the front and rear channels and 150 watts for the subwoofer channel. It features an all-aluminum chassis and a hand-polished aluminum front panel and has high-grade Class A/B 3-stage transistors. It also has gold-plated speaker binding posts, four pairs of high-quality 5-way speaker cable connectors and two preamp outputs to connect an external power amplifier to drive more speakers.

The 804 D3’s frequency response is 10 Hz to 50 kHz and has low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of 0.04%.

Best New Processor – The Midas Venice 320 Digital Console (MSRP $2,999)

The Midas Venice 320 features 32 input channels with 24-bit converters, a 7-inch color touch screen, 3-band semi-parametric EQ on every channel and built-in dynamics and microphone preamps. It also has a built-in router, full-screen level, talkback, delay, full metering and patch bay. The Venice 320 runs on AC power and also includes an internal printer.

Best New Power Amplifier – Crown Macro-Tech 1200M XL (MSRP $2,999)

The Crown Macro-Tech 1200M XL has two channels that deliver 1,200 watts at 2 ohms, 2,000 watts at 4 ohms and 4,000 watts at 8 ohms. It features a full-screen color LCD display and a built-in O.S.S.

(Opto-Symmetry Security System), which automatically detects if the amplifier has been disturbed in any way. The Macro-Tech 1200M XL also has built-in Limiters, which protect the power amp and loudspeakers from damage should a speaker collapse or loudspeaker cable become detached. The power amp also has a built-in Wireless Interface, which can be used to wirelessly connect an iPad or Android tablet for in-depth performance monitoring and control. .

Best Live Sound Product – Yamaha Stagepas 400i (MSRP $649)

The Yamaha Stagepas 400i is a lightweight, rechargeable and high-output PA solution. It features 4 channels and boasts 400 watts of continuous output and 700 watts of instantaneous peak output. It can be used for instruments, microphones and vocals and has a built-in 4-channel mixer.

The Stagepas 400i also features a wide range of inputs, including 1/4-inch phone jacks, XLR connectors and an RCA input. It’s small enough to fit in most instrument cases and can run for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

Best Recording Product – SIA Audio Gemini III (MSRP $1,999)

The SIA Audio Gemini III is a professional-quality 3.5-inch 24-track hard disk recorder with an internal 102-GB solid state drive for recording up to 478 hours of audio in CD quality. It also has an integrated firewire interface for transferring files to a computer and offers a choice of AES/EBU, Analog XLR and TDIF digital inputs.

It can be used for multitrack recording or as a 2-track interface.

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Best Live Sound Loudspeaker – JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays (MSRP $599 each)

JBL’s VERTEC® line arrays offer very high-output, wide-coverage, curved-frontline loudspeaker systems that excel in a variety of configurations and venues without the need for complex rigging. They are easy to transport and set up, with a free-standing design making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The curved fronts are highly focused for more direct coverage and more even patterns.

These systems feature JBL’s proven High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting modules that produce stunning colorful effects. A selection of three different models have flown arrays, which are suitable for hanging from truss, or self-supporting configurations that don’t require any rigging at all.

Best Recording Microphone – Rupert Neve Designs RNTP (MSRP $1,599)

The Rupert Neve Designs RNTP is a large-diaphragm transformerless valve microphone that offers high SPL handling, low self-noise and wide dynamic range. The hand-built microphone has a custom-designed 12AX7 triode vacuum tube that drives a bespoke output transformer to deliver the desired sound. It can handle sound pressure levels of up to 135dB and has a 0.5 percent distortion level.

Best Recording Interface – Universal Audio Arrow (MSRP $4,995)

The Universal Audio Arrow is a newly-designed Thunderbolt audio interface with USB 3.0 compatibility and the ability to connect to iOS devices. The portable device allows for two inputs and four outputs and features an ultra-low latency that’s down to 6.25ms.

It can be used with Mac and iOS devices and has four Class A D-PRE mic preamplifiers and four high-quality Class A headphone amplifiers. It also features 48V of headroom and the same Unison technology from UA’s renowned Apollo line.

Best Recording Software – Avid Pro Tools 12 (MSRP $749)

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Avid Pro Tools 12 offers advanced editing and compositing tools for sound designers and foley artists, as well as flexible MIDI and instrument creation. It includes a virtual instrument plug-in with more than 33 instruments, such as pianos, guitars, drums, horns and synthesizers. It also includes a premium drum sample plug-in with more than 1,600 professionally recorded and mastered sounds, as well as the new Elastic Audio function, which automatically changes the audio file format to the format best suited to process it.

Best Live Sound Processor – BSS Soundweb London (MSRP $5,995)

The BSS Soundweb London is a high-end processor that gives FOH engineers total control over monitor mixes. It has a full-color 10.1-inch touchscreen that can show up to four inputs at once in customizable layouts.

The device offers 123 mixing and signal processing functions and gives engineers easy access to BSS AUDIO’s digital signal processing (DSP), dynamic EQ, gate, compressor and limiter algorithms with the touch of a finger. It also features a USB port for integration with BSS Audio’s Riaa modeling technology to offer the nostalgic vinyl sound with modern convenience.

Best Live Sound Processor – Yamaha PM5D (MSRP $6,999)

The new flagship of the Yamaha digital mixing range, the Yamaha PM5D is a 32-bit, 64-channel digital mixer with 93 touch-sensitive, multicolor gain pots, each with its own LED. The device also has 11 motorized and eight non-motorized faders for mixing, each with its own LED. The large, full-color touch screen gives the user access to an immense number of graphical interfaces, such as a waveform or VU meters.

It features 32-bit floating point processing and can handle up to 16 audio channels in a single computer chip. The PM5D has a built-in 40 GB hard disk for recording, playback and file storage.

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