15 Quick Clean Up Painting Tips and Hacks from the Pros

Quick Clean Up Painting Tips and Hacks From the Pros

1) Paint Rip Off Wall – How To Fix Without Paint? The first thing you need to do is remove all the old paint and make sure it’s completely removed. If there are any cracks or holes in the wall, get them patched up immediately. You don’t want your house looking like a disaster area when you’re done!

2) Remove Old Paint With A Scraper And Brush

Grab a scraper and brush and start scraping away at the walls. Be careful not to scratch anything because you don’t want to damage the wood underneath. You may have to scrape around corners and crevices, but if you keep working, eventually you’ll be able to see through the wall.

3) Use Liquid Sanding Compound To Get Rid Of Any Remaining Wood Spots

If you still feel like there are some spots left behind where paint hasn’t been removed well then try using liquid sanding compound on those areas. This should get everything nice and smooth for your new coat of paint!

4) Patch Up Holes And Cracks

If you’re painting an accent wall or something similar that doesn’t require any wood repair, then you can move on to step 5. If you have to repair anything, this step is crucial. Using wood filler, fill in all the holes and cracks so that you don’t have to worry about them once the patching is done.

5) Prime The Area

After that, it’s time to prime the entire thing. This is important so that you don’t have any paint seeping into the cracks and causing problems later on down the road.

6) Tape Off The Edges

If you’re painting an entire wall or large area with the same color, it’s always a good idea to create barriers so that you don’t accidentally paint over something you don’t want painted. This is also a good step to do before you paint any flat surfaces as well.

7) Create A Faux Finish

You can create a faux finish on your accent wall by lightly brushing small patches of the main color on the wall and then dry brushing a lighter and then even lighter color over that until you get the desired look. This works best for walls that have an older look that needs to be preserved. It can be a bit tricky to do, so make sure you practice on some scrap wood before you do it on the wall.

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8) Create A Painted Wood Look

You can also create a painted wood look on your walls. All you need to do is paint vertical and horizontal lines that criss cross over each other all over the wall. This creates the effect of wooden planks once it’s all complete. Doing this in 4 different coats of paint will get the job done.

9) Create Texture On A Wall

If you’re trying to achieve a stony orblock wall look, then all you need to do is run a sponge over the surface of the wall with a couple of different colors of paint. The more coats you apply, the better the look will be. You can also use a 3D texture effect by making small dots all over the wall in different colors and shades.

10) Create A Chipped Look

For a chipped look on your walls, all you need to do is take an old brush with stiff bristles and just snag the tips off. Then, using a lighter color of paint, dab the brush into the areas you want to look like it’s chipped away at.

What’s next?

You’re ready to start painting!

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Patrick J. Anderson is a professional Painter in Tallassee, AL. TrustedPros does not endorse any particular contractor and recommends that you do your own research when hiring someone.

When it comes to finding a good painting contractor, your local painting supply store is not the place to go. Most do not offer the high quality paint and various different painting supplies that you need for a paint job of any real quality. For that, you’re going to want to look online for professional painters or even general contractors in your area who focus on doing excellent work at an affordable price. Finally, make sure that you fully research your state’s contractor licensing board in order to avoid getting ripped off by someone who claims to be a professional when they aren’t.

How To Get The Best Deal On A Painter

When it comes to painting projects in your house or office, you can take on the job yourself or you can hire a professional painter to do it for you. Of course, if you hire a professional you’re going to have to pay out some cash. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the most expensive painter is going to do the best job. To get the best deal on a painter you have to find the one that charges the lowest price for the highest quality.

This guide will discuss how to do just that.

How To Find The Best Price For A Painter

To find the best price, you’re going to have to ask several local contractors for bids on your job. You can ask friends and family for referrals to local painters as well. If cost is your main concern, then the lowest priced bid you receive should be given serious consideration. However, just because a price is low doesn’t necessarily mean the painter is going to do a shoddy job.

Some painters just have a different pricing policy and still provide quality work, but for a lower price than their competitors. It’s up to you to decide which type of painter you want to hire.

What To Look For In A Painter

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If you decide that price is an important factor in your decision then the main thing you want to look for in a painter is how well they take care of their customers. Ask them as many questions as you need to about how they work and what their specific policies are. If they’re vague or give you non-committal answers then that’s not a good sign. You want to find a painter that is straightforward with you from the beginning so that you don’t have to deal with them later on down the road.

Also, make sure they are fully insured and licensed if required by your state. By hiring a professional painter, you’re taking on a bit of an investment, so you want to make sure the person you hire is legitimate. It’s not worth saving a couple hundred dollars if it means you’re going to get poor quality work done.

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

The cheapest bid isn’t necessarily the best choice. You can get great quality work done for less than what most contractors would charge. To do this, you have to be willing to put in a little more time and research into the painting process.

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